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Veigel tacho

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Veigel tacho
25. Februar 2017 19:24
Hello, everybody!
Could anyone tell me if this is how an original Veigel tacho it realy looks?
How about the year stamped on the back? Is that original? This is how it should look?

Thank you in advance for your answers.
Best regards!

Re: Veigel tacho
26. Februar 2017 12:25
Hallo Gabriel,

if you will use it for a puch you must check if it is the correct one. What I mean is i.e. for a S4 or GS the rotation is anti-clockWise.Could imagine that is could be the same for other puch models. The Rotation direction
depends normally on what side of the wheel the drive is mounted. Otherwise you have to change the internals.

with kind regards Robert
Re: Veigel tacho
26. Februar 2017 19:58
Hello, Britten!
And THANK YOU for your answer.

I do not intend to use it for a Puch. I want to use it on a TWN BD250 W, from 1939. This tacho could be (from what I saw on his back) "9. 38", so it is good for 1939. My question is about that "Month and Year" stamp on the back. It looks like someone write that with a nail. It looks more like a scratch... Is that how it supose to look?

Best regards!


I know that this is not a Thema about Puch and I apologize for that, but if Someone know things about Triumph Werke Nurmberg BD250 Wehrmacht motorcycles, I'll ask him to help me with one or more things.

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